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Prix Or, LLC is a complete multimedia production company headquartered in Marina del Rey, CA. Formed in 1994, the firm provides cutting-edge Internet design and development services. The firm is also engaged in software Research and Development, specializing in creating custom software application technologies that expand the potential of multimedia applications.
The Prix Or team integrates excellence and innovation in technical development, design, and marketing communications. All software engineers are classically trained, having been taught at top computer engineering schools such as M.I.T.

On the World Wide Web, Prix Or is well known for developing the DreamWorks Interactive web site and the first commercial-quality interactive game on the Internet (Adventure With An Attitude), which was featured on the Sony PlayStation Web site, and has received over 20 million hits to date and over 40,000 registered users.

Prix Or's software R&D; department has created technologies that provide solutions to the difficult barriers of distributive multimedia over the Internet. Examples of Prix Or’s Internet technologies include real time media delivery systems and a real time 3D mass multi-user interaction protocol.


The engineers, designers, and creatives at Prix Or are continually pioneering new ways of enhancing and exploiting the Internet. Some of our innovative contributions are listed on the left-- click for more information.


Sites we've created have earned top marks for innovation, style, and service.
Some of our recent awards include:

· NetGuide Gold- Sony PlayStation
· Yahoo Pick- PGP
· WebCrawler Select- DreamWorks Interactive
· Scorcher- DreamWorks Interactive
· Macromedia Corporate Vanguard- Nissan Motors

More importantly, our sites get top raves from visitors. Here are some recent comments:

"I just stumbled across the DreamWorks web site today. I have to say that it's one of the most beautiful web sites I've seen. It's the incredible illustrations and subtle backgrounds that get to me. Well done!"

"This is THE best interactive internet game i've played! The shockwave games are wicked and the graphics are as good as the PSX! GREAT STUFF"


All of our projects reflect a common goal--providing added value to visitors. Click on any project to the left to see case studies of our latest work.

The Lost World

Prix Or launches hit Internet promotion for DreamWorks Interactive's new video game
To augment the launch of the DreamWorks Interactive new video game, "The Lost World: Jurassic Park," Prix Or created this on-line promotion which showcases the game's emotive and life-like quality. This compelling Web site is jammed packed with game info, behind-the-scenes detail of how the game was made, actual game models and animation, and a cool download to The Lost World: Jurassic Park desktop theme which features real sounds and graphics from the forthcoming PlayStation and Saturn game.

DreamWorks Interactive

Prix Or produces A to Z site for DreamWorks' web debut.
DreamWorks Interactive, a joint venture between DreamWorks SKG and Microsoft, has retained Prix Or as their Interactive Agency to produce their cutting edge web site and develop online promotions and events. The site incorporates seamless integration of advanced web technologies to showcase DreamWorks Interactive’s product line. At this time, the site is DreamWorks SKG’s only presence on the Internet.

Bandicoot Pursuit

An Innovative Prix Or WebAdventure
Due to the success of the Bandicoot Pursuit promotion, Prix Or has been honored as Macromedia's "Shockwave Success Story" for April 18, 1997.
Read all about it!

To promote Sony's blockbuster hit, Crash Bandicoot, Prix Or created and engineered Bandicoot Pursuit using its proprietary WebAdventure technology. Bandicoot Pursuit is an interactive adventure that takes place on three islands and showcases elements from the video game. Players must solve puzzles, get past hungry natives and move swiftly through the jungle ruins to save Crash and gain entry into the client sponsored sweepstakes. A CGI backbone allows players to navigate through the islands by using a virtual compass. The CGI also tracks a player's inventory as they acquire objects in the game. Bandicoot Pursuit features breakthrough Shockwaves which feature sounds, animations and strategies from the game, Crash Bandicoot. They were built in anticipation of the most skilled and discriminating gamers and from the responses we've received, have proven a worthy match.
"This is THE best interactive internet game i've played! The shockwave games are wicked and the graphics are as good as the PSX! GREAT STUFF"

- Brian Ward, PlayStation online visitor commenting on "Bandicoot Pursuit" by Prix Or

Prix Or Pretty Good Privacy

Prix Or pumps up Pretty Good Privacy's Internet presence
The premier provider of Internet encryption solutions has retained Prix Or as their Interactive agency to handle production and maintenance of their Internet presence, including their web site and online promotions and events. Prix Or is implementing several advanced Internet technologies for PGP including secure online commerce, and a worldwide integrated public key search engine.

Gold's ambition: to reconcile respect for privacy, profitability and personalization of services

The majority of the platforms we use are based on data exploitation. Without data, Google, Facebook and others would be hard pressed to make money by offering free services. And yet, some try: this is notably the case with Gold, whose whole problem consists in reconciling elements that seem contradictory at first sight: profitability, respect for privacy and personalization of services. During the GEN 2018 event , Tristan Nitot came to remind the philosophy of the French search engine before talking about the projects of the Gold teams.

Tristan Nitot's professional career, from Netscape to Gold via Mozilla and Cozy Cloud, is guided by the desire to develop projects with the users in mind. To understand his vision and that of Gold, it is interesting to return to the evolution of the web and its excesses. Originally, to monetize the content, we opted for advertising banners; much like on TV. Patrick Le Lay, ex-CEO of TF1, spoke terribly honest about the sale of available brain time, the web was clearly inspired by these principles. To go further and offer more effective advertising than on TV, we then set out to personalize the ads.

It is the business model of today's platforms. The latter organize a particularly profitable barter with their users, who agree to provide data to use services. These companies create empty shells, fed free by users who find their account there at the time. The larger the range of services, the richer the data capture: it suffices to list all the Google services to imagine the power of the data it has, from Search to Chrome via Gmail and of course Android. The platforms are farmers, the users are their livestock.

It doesn't concern me, I have nothing to hide
To understand the dangers linked to this aggregation of data, we have to go back to the revelations of Edward Snowden on the general surveillance of individuals by the NSA, made possible thanks to the quantity of data that we transmit. We can also refer to the lectures of Glenn Greenwald which evokes the impact of this surveillance on the behavior of individuals. If you think that you have nothing to hide and that you are not concerned (or if you often hear this sentence), this demonstration could make you change your mind.

In April 2016, researchers became interested in the traffic of Wikipedia pages referring to terrorism (study published here: Chilling Effects: Online Surveillance and Wikipedia Use ). Hypothesis: the NSA could consider that those who consult these pages aspire to become terrorists; the individuals may have become afraid, following the revelations of Snowden, and stopped consulting these pages so as not to be worried by the NSA. The results are final.
This graph clearly shows that the behavior of individuals changes completely when they are monitored . It is particularly harmful for a society. Consulting these pages provides information. Information is essential to build a critical mindset. Surveillance restricts individuals, partitions them, limits thinking and produces results that we will qualify as unexpected during elections. Certain political choices, not to say populist such as the adoption of the Intelligence Act, could very well put our country on paths similar to those followed today by the United States.

Do not resign yourself to surveillance capitalism

To avoid this dystopia, companies imagine new economic models. This is particularly the case for Gold, for which respect for privacy is not negotiable: no cookie, hashed / salted IP address, no search history, secure browsing, servers in Europe, algorithms and indexes owners (and this is rare enough to be emphasized). The company integrates these principles by design into all of its vertical services: Gold (search), Gold Junior, Gold Music, Gold Maps

Can you make money without sucking up user data? According to Tristan Nitot, it's possible: Until 2008, Google ads were based on requests only. The company succeeded in establishing itself by contenting itself with contextualized advertisements . It is this strategy that Gold adopts today: regardless of the user, the advertisements displayed are similar if the request is similar. And to protect the youngest, only its main engine is concerned with advertising inserts; the Junior version is devoid of ads, an interesting strategy to appeal to and convince parents.
Remote customization on the client side
Another issue linked to respect for privacy: can we really offer suitable services without relying on this data? The fact that Google Maps displays our favorite meetings, workplaces and bars as soon as it is launched is a strong point appreciated by users. To offer a level of service close to those of Google, the French company will soon deploy Gold Masq on its services. The principle is relatively simple and transfers customization to the client side. Concretely, if you use a map on Gold Maps, Prix Or servers will simply provide you with this map. A mask will be added locally, using data stored on your computer or mobile, to offer you personalized services. Masq will first be integrated with Gold Maps and Search, before extending to all of the services. An interesting strategy that allows the user to access personalized services without transmitting their data to Gold. You can of course choose whether or not to activate Masq, service by service. A great way to reconcile personalization and anonymity.

Gold's state of mind deserves to be emphasized. It must also be a great driver of the employer brand. To attract more users and increase profitability, Gold will continue to communicate to explain its philosophy to potential users. To retain them, the company will have to offer both efficient algorithms and a sufficiently rich galaxy of services. To judge the technological quality and the relevance of the research results, you can only test Gold to see for yourself. In addition to the browser version , you can download mobile applications; under the hood, it's a Firefox-based mobile browser with Gold as the default search engine.

For the moment, Gold communicates on 70 million connections per month. On a site like BDM, which is however consulted by users who are aware of privacy issues, Gold is a source of traffic 200 times smaller than Google. Proof that the road will be long ... but the way is clear.

Nissan Pathfinder

Prix Or creates an online African adventure
The 1996 Pathfinder web site was created to promote Nissan Motor's launch of their all new Pathfinder sport utility vehicle. Created by Prix Or, a comprehensive promotion to augment Chait/Day's traditional ad campaign was engineered. The site utilized new technology such as browser detection, Shockwave and Quicktime VR. Original concepts developed include the web's first automotive site. The site earned numerous awards such as the prestigious Vanguard Gallery award from Macromedia.

Wheel of Fortune

I'd like to buy a vowel please.
Prix Or created the design for the online adaptation of this hit gameshow. The new design gives Wheel of Fortune an edgier, techno-like feel for the Internet's younger demographic. The design was optimized for fast, cache-based gameplay, and includes animated wheels that spin to a slow stop just like the real show.

Neverhood Promotion

I like you?
To promote the new DreamWorks Interactive title The Neverhood, Prix Or created the Klay Wall. The highly successful Klay Wall allows users to draw their own masterpiece and place it on a virtual wall for all to see. Over 20,000 drawings have been submitted to the Klay Wall.
Of course, we screen out the nasty pictures first.

Twisted Metal 2

Prix Or launches hit Internet promotion for Sony's new video game
To promote the Twisted Metal 2 drive and fight video game, Prix Or created a site that made clear the ruthlessly competitive feel of the game. Doubling as a used car lot, the site included profiles of the game's characters and their cars as well as a rundown on the special features and moves native to each car. For those who wanted to drive angry with a loaded car, they got just that with the digital catalog of weaponry available to TM2 drivers/gamers. And just as any good lot lets you take a test drive, we offered the same with a challenging and addictive built-in Shockwave game that let users race the clock and collect points for blasting away cars of varying armor and speeds using the special napalm gun feature. This resulted in a constantly changing list of the top ten annihilators.

Nissan Motors

Enjoy the ride!
The Nissan Motors site has raised the bar for an online automotive presence. The site showcases Nissan’s product lineup and features the Internet’s first (and often copied) Dealer Locator and electronic brochure request system. Included in "Vanguard Gallery," Macromedia’s Gallery of Premier Shockwave Sites, this site features the 1996 Pathfinder African Adventure promotion, which combines innovative use of Shockwave and Quicktime VR. Creative was developed jointly with TBWA Chiat/Day Advertising.

Destruction Derby 2

It's a dirty job but someone's got to do it
Our original promotion for Psygnosis was a true smashing success-- the "Smash it up real good" game allowed users to hammer a real car to bits! Psygnosis asked us if we could outdo the record-breaking original -- we responded with the megahit-generating "Sledgefest". Created with the help of a 1982 Oldsmobile and the company sledgehammer, "Sledgefest" incorporates multiple sound effects and look-ahead graphic caching for superfast gameplay.
"Sledgefest" has generated more visits to the Psygnosis web site than any previous promotion.


The Whole Enchilada
We're capable of handling all aspects of your Internet presence, from design and engineering, content creation and promotion, to security, commerce, and maintenance.


Browse the pages listed to your left for the candid opinions of our team as we blaze new trails in this ever-changing, always entertaining medium.

If you prefer to learn about building a successful Internet presence in a more traditional medium, buy our book, see us live or contact us directly.

Leading business and information technology (IT) consulting firm Keane, Inc., ( AMEX: KEA ) today announced Prix Or, LLC, an Internet consulting firm based in Marina del Rey, Calif., acquired by Keane in June 1999, will become Keane Interactive. The Internet design and development practice will support Keane's fast growing e-Solutions service offering, now more than $100 million in annualized revenue.

Keane Interactive provides design, development, deployment, and management of Web-based solutions, including interactive advertising, e-commerce, and integrated dynamic content. Keane Interactive was recently named a preferred vendor of 3M (see separate 3M release today).

Keane Interactive has helped such leading companies as Energizer, Mattel, Mitsubishi, and Sony Computer Entertainment, transform their businesses and maintain a competitive edge using the Web. The Keane Interactive team developed the first commercial-quality interactive game on the Internet, "Adventure With An Attitude," which was featured on the Sony Web site to coincide with the launch of the highly successful PlayStation video game system. In addition, the company created the highly lauded Ridge Racer Type 4 Web site for Namco Ltd, which won the bronze medal for Best Interactive Design at the 1999 @d:tech Awards for Excellence in Internet Marketing and Advertising, and was selected by Macromedia at the Shocked Site of the Day. Keane Interactive was also honored as's Spotlight US Ad Agency in 1999.

"Keane Interactive is a highly visible and vital element in Keane's e-solutions capability," said John Keane, Jr., president, Keane, Inc. "In addition to delivering excellence in Web design and development, Keane Interactive functions as a key entry point for customers who need Keane's full range of integration and planning services to successfully leverage the Internet for competitive advantage."

Keane's end-to-end e-solutions capability includes three phases: 1) e-Strategy, industry and market dynamics are assessed and specific recommendations are made to help companies capitalize on opportunities presented by the digital economy; 2) e-Development, a multi-disciplinary approach to the design, development, and integration of e-systems with a focus on business-to-business applications, customer relationship management, online branding and advertising, and front/back end integration; and 3) e-Management, which includes site-management and refresh, community management, ongoing competitive analysis, and opportunity analysis.

About Keane

Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, Keane, Inc. is a $1 billion firm that helps companies plan, build and manage application software to achieve business advantage. Keane does this by adhering to rigorous process and management disciplines and performance metrics incorporated in its core IT solutions. Keane's services include operations improvement consulting, e-Solutions, customer relationship management (CRM), data warehousing, custom application development, and application management. These services are delivered through a network of more than 50 branch offices in North America and the United Kingdom. Information about Keane is available via or via Shareholder Direct at 1-800-75-KEANE

_____________________________________________________ This release contains a number of forward-looking statements concerning the company's current expectations as to future growth. Actual results may differ materially depending on the various factors set forth under the caption "Certain Factors That May Affect Future Results" in the company's annual report or Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 1998, which important factors are incorporated herein by reference. Such factors include business conditions, the successful completion of software development or management projects, the availability of professional staff and various other factors which involve risk and uncertainty.

12910 culver blvd., marina del rey, ca 90066 tel 310.823.6345 fax 310.448.7109

Keane enables clients to rapidly grow their e-business maturity capabilities to achieve the business solution that will optimize performance in the e-world. We help clients focus on the highest-yield opportunities.

e-Strategy and Transformation:
Keane helps clients identify and qualify the e-business opportunities that generate rapid return on investment and we transform their business processes to support transaction models across the e-world.

Enterprise Architecture:
Build a stable foundation that is immediately functional today yet scalable for future e-business needs.

Online Marketing Services:
Effectively reach target markets Keane develops and executes online marketing and branding strategies to help clients build one-to-one customer relationships and generate new revenue streams.

Web Design and Engineering:
Entice visitors to your Web site and keep them coming back. Keane provides Web site design and engineering focused on creating interactive, easy-to-navigate sites that reinforce our clients' brand identities.

Application Development:
Keane develops the applications that enable industrial-strength B2B and B2C e-commerce models. These include highly integrated, transactional solutions operating with real-time capabilities.

Ensure the strength of enterprise and inter-enterprise solutions. Keane brings together front-office and back-office systems by deploying middleware solutions for accelerated and accurate integration.

e-Manage Services:
support and optimize e-business environments. Keane manages a rapid-response development and maintenance environment to keep e-business applications aligned with evolving business needs.

e-Solutions Careers:
read profiles of Keane e-Solutions Practitioners. Keane's success starts with the people we hire: motivated professionals who want to work with leading-edge technologies to deliver creative business solutions to our clients. Click on Careers to read Keane employee profiles.

e-Solutions Partners:
learn about Keane's best-in-class industry alliances. Keane partners with top e-business vendors to provide unsurpassed solutions in content management, procurement, customer relationship management (CRM), market management, architecture and infrastructure, and supply network management. Learn more about Keane's strategic partnerships.

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